Tips on How to Throw a Baseball Harder & More Accurately

Baseball Pitcher

In baseball, there are many different techniques and movements. A dangerous pitch is an attack that cannot be prevented by the opponent, giving your team an advantage. Let me learn how to effectively pitch.

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A basic way of throwing a baseball.

The pitcher is one of the most frequently used positions for this technique. Their mission is to make the batter unable to hit the ball.

So to become a pitcher you have to master this move. Must calculate to make it difficult to batter, but still coordinate to catcher can catch the ball easily. From there to score points for your team.

Throw baseball is a technique that requires players to practice many times. Not just throwing a ball, it also includes many elements: throwing force, pitch angle, the timing of balloons, …

Types of baseball throw.

Playing baseball from beginner to professional, all have the same way of pitching. The strategy of the ball determines the throw method of that ball. Players need to first discuss or signal with the catcher, to coordinate the best.

Each type of pitching has a different way of holding the ball, like very slight changes in the fingers. But they are extremely important to know what the pitcher is going to do.

Fastball: type throw ball shifts speed in a straight trajectory.

Off speed: throwing the ball at a slower speed than a fastball. It can fly with many different trajectories.

Breaking ball: Throwing a ball causing the ball to change its trajectory when flying.

Curveball: throw the ball to spin.

Slider: almost like a curveball but the ball goes lower.

Slurve: ball swirling and can change flight trajectory.

Forkball: the ball gently shakes so the opponent cannot guess the ball path.

Change up: ball slowly and fly in 1 orbit.

Circle change-up: the ball goes slowly but can change the trajectory.

4-seam fastball: the ball goes straight and has extremely high speed.

2-seam fastball: the ball is straight and fast, with a cut from left to right.

Sinker: the ball flies straight and fast, tends to go down.

Cutter: like fastball and cut from right to left.

Splitter (split-finger fastball): the ball drops suddenly when approaching the batter. One of the throwing balls that surprised the opponent.

Knuckleball: the ball is slow, does not follow any trajectory and has no spin, so it is difficult to prevent.

Eephus: the ball has an arc-shaped trajectory with extremely slow flying speed.

man throwing baseball

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How to throw the ball swirl.

It is difficult to practice accurate pitches. But it’s harder to throw the ball back and forth. A pitcher needs to use a lot of force. The ball must be very strong and at the same time curved angle to create a vortex and change the trajectory. To be so, players need to practice a lot. Just increasing the strength of the supple hands creates ball throwing reflexes.

Above are the types of baseball throws. Wish you success and have great matches.

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What kind of punching bag is right for you?

Welcome to our Blog. Where we share our knowledge of martial arts and self-defense, we offer the best products, suitable for each person’s level.
Our recent article discusses the difference and similarity between standard BOB punch bags and Century BOB XL punching bags. The article has received a lot of feedback, good reviews from users.
Today, we share with you an article on the topic of the best humanoid punching bags in 2019, which is appreciated by many users for quality, durability, usefulness …
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BOB standard vs BOB XL

1. Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy

The punching bag is shaped like a kneeling body, arms stretched out straight. This punching bag has the same body length as the real body. Help people practice kicking or punching directly into the face, hands, stomach, ribs of the punching bag. A punching bag is made of soft leather, the surface has small holes. There are two types of Celebrita MMA Grappling Dummy punch bags: A type for children with a height of 40 inches and a weight of 25 kg to 35 kg. Adult type with a height of 70 inches and weigh up to 55 kg.
2. Century BOB XL

Punch bags of the famous Century. This is an upgrade of the standard BOB version, for those who have the power, practice with high intensity. This punching bag weighs over 122 kg and the maximum height is 72 inches. Consists of 2 parts: a circular base unit, made of hard plastic, filled with sand and water inside. Help stand firm, sure. Human body parts, made of soft plastic material, rough surface, fierce face, full of parts such as face, neck, shoulders, chest …

3. Century VS.2 Versys Grappling Simulator

Free-standing punching pouch, almost like a mannequin, but without ahead. Unique design, two legs and arms outstretched and a third leg behind to help keep the balance for this punching bag. The weight put down below makes this punching bag more stable and won’t move when you exercise.

4. MMA Man Shaped Dummy

This body-shaped punching bag weighs about 34 kg, height about 173 cm – equivalent to the height of an adult. This punching bag is designed to hang on the ceiling, so it will not take up space and help the practitioner easily punch or kick any part of the body of the punching bag.
5. Aqua Bruiser punching dummy bag

Designed with soft leather material, the inside is filled with water and air, helping the practitioner feel comfortable and comfortable when punching or kicking this punching bag. This punching bag is designed to hang easily from the ceiling to the ceiling, does not damage the floor or is stored away after training. Design the shape on behalf of the human body, including the head and body. Height about 185 cm.
Above are somebody shape punching bags that users appreciate during practice. You can consult to choose the product that suits your martial arts and qualifications.
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