How a baby swing help to express a mother’s love?

New year’s eve is around the corner. Usually, this would be a time when everyone gathers around their elders and listens to their glorious youth. However, it’s early 2021, the stench of 2020 is still lingle around here. I wonder how long I have to miss an overly crowded house. Such a lovely Asian tradition.

How a baby swing help to express a mother's love?

Anyway, it’s just me, my mom, and a couple of dozens of relatives this time. As the night falls down gently, our solar lights begin to shape the walkway in the front yard. My mom elegantly picks up the mic. She forms an L shape with her thumb and pointy, then places it touching her upper lip. Slowly, her eyes glance left and right as if they are making sure that people get the feeling of looking down to an abyss. After a good minute of peace before the storm, the beat is dropped mercilessly:

“Yo lads, do you even see how life used to be? I brought to the world 6 babies and got them all through the university, by my OWN currency, (hitching her head toward grandpa) please, tell me I’m your best baby”

“Daaaaaaamn”, everyone just can’t stop themselves from stomping the floor or finding something to tap their hands on. Among the sound of glory, my mom is crossing her arms and pushing her lower lip out at its maximum capacity. Yeah, if you are not familiar with Asian culture, a big gathering time is the time for showing off their achievements. The funny thing is they repeat the same thing over and over again, but they still can surprise you with the new delivery method each year.

Because of the noise, my sister’s newborn baby is wakened up and starting to channel her favorite chant. I hear someone says “aw shoe, it’s gonna be a pain in the a to soothe her now”. Well, to drops their jaws, my sister proceeds to place the baby in her baby swing which soothes her baby in a matter of seconds. What a tool. You might want to read my tips on how to use a baby swing to calm an infant.

How a baby swing help to express a mother's love? 2

The night is still young, and it gets even wilder since we don’t have to worry about the noise level. My mom spends the rest of her night wondering if this kind of technology existed back in her time. “It could’ve saved you quite a few crinkles by now” someone barks. We all laugh in agreement.

There is plenty of ways for a mother to express her love towards her child, but surely it would not hurt to share some of her burdens over to the modern baby’s products. At least, the soothing and lulling the baby now is definitely a world different from 20 years ago. It also has a huge impact on the way a mother raises her child. It’s more like, less hustle, then she can save and transfer all that energy into love, more love.

Alright, to conclude today’s story on a high note, Happy New year everyone. May 2021 the best year ever.

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