Is MMA useful when fighting?

First of all, what is MMA? MMA stands for mixed martial arts, which means that MMA is not a separate martial art but a combination of many different martial arts. MMA users will have to learn a lot of martial arts so when playing MMA is not limited in terms of skills, moves.
MMA is known as a martial art with high practicality and resistance, promoting speed and power. In MMA, there are three main types of fighting: boxing, wrestling, and punching. With the charge, the user will be flexible in moving, dodging attacks and launching dangerous attacks but it will be difficult to unleash when closed or objects. Meanwhile, wrestling and hitting the floor priority groups lock, tighten the parts on the body. This type of attack can disable quite a lot of right attacks.

The above shows that MMA is very useful in real combat. MMA is a combat sport so in real combat, we can use MMA to defend in case of need. Fighting in MMA or real battle is all about winning. MMA fighters are trained in appropriate skills for battles. Especially when dealing with enemies who just want to kill you, MMA is even more useful because MMA is very violent. The combined attacks of many martial arts can save our lives in an emergency.
However, it should be noted that street fights are also very different from those on the ring. After all, MMA is just a fighting sport and many real-life situations may not be the same as fighting in an octagon cage. We sometimes face armed enemies or enemies in large numbers. MMA is also just a sport as it is bound by many different fighting principles. Many MMA attacks in real battle endanger the user. In order to use MMA to be useful in real combat, sometimes we have to throw away the rules and accept to fight for the survival and ready to fight that seriously wound the opponent.

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