Why table tennis is the best sport in the world

Why is table tennis? There are thousands of other sports out there, but table tennis has been one of the best liked and most loved sport by many athletes and sports lovers in the world. It relatively known as the most rapid competitive sport around the globe, as well as being one of the simplest ones to learn and play. What makes table tennis great for the brain is that it is a very challenging sport, in terms of thinking and problem solving, which will give you and your brain hours of enjoyable and stress-relief.

9 reasons why is table tennis a popular sport

1) Good for your brain

ping pong is good for your brain

Table tennis is a challenging sport for several reasons. For example, it requires a great deal of mental acuity. The game involves a lot of decision making and problem solving skills, both on and off the court. This type of thinking and problem solving is good for the brain, which will be the mechanism that helps your brain to process quickly and efficiently when it comes to making decisions. All of these great things are the reason why table tennis is the perfect sport to learn and play, for anyone from any age group and in any walk of life.

2) Suitable for all ages

In addition to the great things about table tennis, the game itself is great for any age group. You can play table tennis even if you are still a child, and there are even some kids’ versions that you can buy nowadays. At any age, you can dive in and have some fun, even if you are old. That is because the sport itself does not discriminate based on age or gender.

3) Less expensive

The best reason to learn and play table tennis is the money. It’s a very inexpensive sport, especially when you consider all of the equipment you need (or you don’t need). A good set consists of: a racket, four ping-pong balls, a net and a portable table – thanks to sportypong’s review of the cheapest ping-pong tables. Now, add up the cost of those things over an entire season of play and you may come up short.

4) Perfect exercise

What is the one thing you will benefit the most from playing? Of course, the obvious: the game itself. Because it utilizes all of your body metabolism, you are constantly working out your muscles. This is a great benefit and one you will notice right away. If you are someone who can’t stand long workouts, then table tennis can be a great choice for you.

5) Good for cardiovascular

It is also a great cardiovascular workout. Table tennis requires a great deal of jumping and spinning, as well as a great deal of running and moving around. All of that running and moving around gets your heart pumping, which can be great for your heart. And, since it is a stationary sport, there is absolutely nothing that can go wrong.

6) Play anywhere, even play alone

practice table tennis alone

If you don’t have access to a table tennis robot, don’t worry. You can still play this great sport. You just won’t have to use a machine. Because you play the sport where there is no contact, it is extremely safe to play anywhere, even play alone.

7) The mental game

One last reason to play the great table tennis sport, and one that is often overlooked. The mental game. The better you get at this, the better you will do in any competition. That includes life. By taking the time to think correctly, you can do things with your body that is almost impossible in many sports. Playing table tennis helps your brain work, which is something that is extremely important and useful.

8) Low club fees

It is impossible to talk about these reasons why table tennis is the best sport without talking about money. The cost of joining a club and consistently using your racket for hours at a time can quickly add up. If you don’t have the money to join a club, don’t worry. You can also buy your own paddle, ball and other accessories. Not only is it cheaper than buying them from someone else, but you can find discount prices if you shop around online.

9) Finally, let’s discuss winning

You cannot measure this aspect of the sport in dollars and cents. You have to put into consideration the fact that you are constantly getting points. These points add up quickly and overtime is even more of an all-timer. Therefore, you want to rack up those points because your chances of winning are very good. This means playing as often as possible, especially when you are a good player.

There are many reasons why table tennis is the best sport to play. However, you need to be honest with yourself and know why you play. Once you are able to pinpoint why you play, then you can choose how you are going to play. Maybe you are a great blocker, so now you can play that position. Maybe you are a great rebounder, so now you can play that position too.

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